The Last Confederate Heroes

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Book 1: The Abductors


1. The Diary PDF MSWord
2. A Raid on Richmond
3. The Dahlgren Papers
4. The Confederate Response
5. The Secret Service Plan of 1864

PART II: THE BOOTHS (1821-1860)

1. The Robinarch
2. He Was Called John Wilkes for a Reason PDF MSWORD
3. Bastards All
4. Madder than a Hatter
5. The Old Man's Guardians
6. Down on 'The Farm'
7. His Father's Son
8. Billy Bow-Legs
9. A Mother's Omen and the Gypsy Curse PDF MSWORD
10. The Reluctant Farmer
11. The Aspiring Actor


1. The Proselyte and the Drunkard
2. The Belle of Prince Georges County
3. St. Ignatius and His Disciple
4. The Seventh Commandment
5. Heartbreak and Scholarship
6. Two School Chums
7. High Society
8. A Public Hanging
9. The Political Philosophy of John Wilkes Booth I: The Fugitive Slave Issue
10. The Political Philosophy of John Wilkes Booth II: Slavery in the Territories
11. A Country Doctor
12. The Conditional Unionist


1. Judah P. Benjamin I: His Women
2. Judah P. Benjamin II: Ideological Heart of the Confederacy
3. Dr. Mudd Bares His Soul--and His Neck
4. John Surratt--Confederate Postmaster
5. Lewis Powell Wounded and Captured
6. Powell as a Union Hospital Orderly
7. Lewis Powell Meets Maggie Branson
8. Lewis Powell Meets Lewis Payne
9. Colonel Mosby
10. Powell Becomes a Partisan Ranger

PART V: THE THESPIAN (1861-1864)

1. I Am--Myself, Alone
2. Davy Herold Finds Acting a Dangerous Business
3. The Drug Smuggler (Paris, Kansas)
4. Experiencing a Yankee Tyrant First-Hand
5. A-Whoring We Will Go (Robinarch)
6. Occupied New Orleans
7. The Destructionists
8. Back Bay
9. The Sunflowers
10. Dramatic Oil Company
11. A Window at Meadeville


1. Booth Meets Four Rebels in Boston
2. Arnold and O'Laughlen: The First Recruits
3. Meeting in Richmond I: The Genesis of Abducting Lincoln
3. Meeting in Richmond II: Scouting Out the Possibilities
4. Wat Bowie Scouts Out the Mail Line
5. Rev. Dr. K. J. Stewart Goes to Richmond via Indiantown
6. George N. Sanders: The Professional Revolutionary
7. The Golden Circle
8. Sic Semper Tyrannus
9. Dinner with P. C. Martin
10. Part of the Family
11. Lou Weichmann: Confederate Spy


1. Booth Meets Dr. Mudd
2. Old Blaze and the Blue Hen's Chickens
3. To Whom It May Concern: Booth Secedes from the Union
4. Family Politics I: John and Asia
5. Family Politics II: John vs. June, Ned, and Sleepy
6. Booth Meets Tom Harbin
7. For the Sake of a One-eyed Horse
8. Meeting in Richmond III: Powell and the Baltimoreans
9. Powell Goes on a Special Mission
10. Booth Meets John Surratt
11. Surratt Joins the Plot
12. The Mechanics of Receiving Lincoln in Richmond
13. Restructuring the Secret Service Command
14. Recruiting His Theater Pals Unsuccessfully


1. The Port Tobacco Connection
2. The January Kidnap Fiasco
3. Powell Becomes Cousin Louis
4. Powell Meets John Surratt and Loves Mary Branson
5. War to the Knife . . .
6. . . . Knife to the Hilt
7. The New Rebel Safe House
8. Booth Gets Richmond's Approval
9. Booth Finally Goes to War Despite His Mother's Objections
10. Gus Howell and the French Woman
11. Powell Visits Mrs. Surratt
12. Confederate Campaign of 1865


1. Louis Weichmann Tells Major Gleason
2. Wilkes Booth in Love
3. Lucy Lambert Hale
4. Powell Beats Up Annie
5. Powell Visits Mrs. Surratt Again
6. Booth Attends A March Ball
7. Weichmann Gets Nosy
8. An Evening at Gautier's
9. Booth Plots a Kidnapping
10. The Abduction that Failed
11. Aftermath of the Kidnap Attempt
12. Herold Gores to Tee Bee
12. A Grand Finale and a Stunning Exit


Book 2: The Assassins


1. Lincoln on Black Confederate Soldiers
2. A Pair of Slippers
3. A Room for James C. Kincheloe
4. Tying Up Loose Ends
5. John Surratt Goes to Montreal
6. The Confederate Sympathies of Dr. Mudd
7. Mudd's trip to Giesboro
8. Aboard the Malvern
9. Mrs. Surratt's Trip of April 11
10. Lincoln Confiscates 'Dixie"
11. Lincoln's Final Speech
12. Meeting at the Herndon House
13. The Aborted Attempt of April 13
14. Booth Spends a Night with Ella Starr Turner
15. Herold Stays Overnight at Huntt's


1. Booth's Friday Morning
2. A Fateful Letter and a Pair of Binoculars
3. Booth's Friday Afternoon
4. The Letter to the National Intelligencer: Booth Opts for Assassination
5. Booth Prepares for His Biggest Role
6. Meeting at the Canterbury Music Hall
7. Booth's Friday Evening Dinner
8. Mrs. Surratt's Trip of April 14
9. Booth Arrives at the Theater
10. Louis Paine Prepares for the Fray
11. Booth Kills Lincoln


1. A Quick Stop at Mrs. Surratt's
2. A Busy Night at the Navy Yard Bridge
3. Carnage at Seward's
4. O'Laughlen Misses Stanton
5. Booth Breaks a Leg
6. On to Surrattsville
7. John Fletcher Identifies a Horse
8. The Boardinghouse Search
9. Booth Finds a Doctor
10. All Those God Damned Booths Are Crazy
11. Lafayette C. Baker Takes on the Pursuit
12. Breakfast at Dr. Mudd's
13. Lloyd Misleads the Pursuit and Cuts a Deal
14. Looking for a Conveyance
15. The Uncommunicative Patient
16. Dr. Mudd at Bryanville
17. Dr. Mudd Confronts Booth
18. Seeking William Bertle
19. Oswell Swann Guides Booth to Captain Cox
20. Trying to Fool Swann


1. Tom Jones Takes Over
2. Baker's Handbill
3. The Confederates Withdraw from Maryland
4. O'Laughlen Turns Himself In; Arnold Taken at Ft. Monroe and Confesses
5. Edman Spangler, Fall Guy
6. The Arrest of Mary Surratt
7. The Arrest of Powell
8. Mary Surratt in Jail
9. New Home in the Swamp
10. Tom Jones Meets Billy Williams
11. The Arrest of Andrew Atzerodt
12. Boredom in the Swamp
13. The Arrest and Statements of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd
14. Baker's Pictorial Reward Poster
15. Jones Moves Booth and Herold to the Potomac
16. Booth and Herold at the Potomac
17. Booth Detours to Indiantown
18. The Confessions of Andrew Atzerodt


1. Herold Finds Mrs. Quesenberry
2. Tom Harbin Helps Booth
3. Dr. Stuart's Unexpected Dinner Guests
4. William Lucas' Two Unwanted Overnight Visitors
5. Charlie Lucas Takes Booth and Herold to Port Conway
6. Baker Put on Booth's Trail
7. The Three Rebels
8. Across the Rappahannock to Port Royal
9. Byron Baker and Everton Conger Meet Lt. Doherty
10. Refuge at Garrett's Farm
11. Last Night in Bed
12. Looking for Booth Along the North Bank of the Rappahannock


1. Happy Morning at Garrett's Farm
2. The Yankees Cross to Port Royal
3. The End of a Reverie
4. A Tense Afternoon at Garrett's Farm
5. The Yankees By-Pass Garrett's Farm
6. The Confederates Make Contact
7. At the Trappe
8. Asleep In the Barn
9. The Yankees at Bowling Green
10. Initial Confrontation at the Garrett House
11. Herold Surrenders
12. The Death of John Wilkes Booth


1. Back to the Rappahannock
2. The Eerie Trip to Belle Plain
3. Back in Washington
4. The Autopsy and a National Hero
5. The Convoluted Jailhouse Interview of David Herold
6. Weichmann Turns Himself in and Cuts a Deal
7. Sarah Slater Destroy the Evidence
8. George Sanders Changes History